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Expand your reach, maximize ROI, and enhance your brand by partnering with our versatile network of affiliates, incl. content creators, influencers, bloggers and podcasters.

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Our solutions

Powerful solutions designed to meet your unique business needs

Increase sales with the power of creators

Regardless of the size of your business, Filify can accommodate your needs and help you boost your sales.

Increased revenues through creator promotions

Our wide network of creators can boost your revenue by increasing your brand exposure and by driving product sales.

Affordable pricing
Flexible commission rates

Filify offers customizable pricing plans to fit the unique needs and budgets of brands of all sizes.

Our platform offers flexible commission rates that can be tailored to your goals, allowing you to optimize profitability.

Allow creators to expand your brand for you

Connect with our pool of affiliates and let them promote your brand to their audience.

Increased brand visibility awareness

Increase your visibility to a wider audience by allowing our affiliates to promote your products and services.

Global reach
Build trust

Tap into new markets around the world. We have campaigns throughout Europe and North America, and we are constantly expanding.

Collaborating with our affiliates allows you to tap into their loyal following based on trust and credibility, helping you to build trust with potential customers.

Build your dream team of content creators

You no longer need to wait for affiliates to reach out, you get to discover and choose them.

A diverse pool of content creators

Our diverse pool of creators from different niches and backgrounds allows you to choose the best fit for your brand.

Invite your own creators
Track performance

We offer you the opportunity to invite your own affiliates to join the platform and your campaigns.

Filify’s advanced tracking features allow you to monitor your creators' performances, ensuring maximum ROI.

Simple and catered to your business needs

We have made the whole process simple and easy for you to manage.

Easy management

Filify’s easy-to-use tools make it simple to manage your affiliate campaigns, even with no prior experience.

Fast and automatic payout system
Dedicated support

Our fast and automatic payout system ensures efficient and smooth commission payments to your affiliates.

Our dedicated support system ensures that your queries and concerns are addressed promptly.

How it works

A simple yet effective process

We’ve made it easy for you, just follow these three simple steps!

Create account

After signing up, set up the campaigns you want the creators to promote. Set the terms and commission rates for your creators.

Build your affiliate team

Discover and pick the best suited creators for your team. They will promote your campaign with their unique affiliate links or codes.

Track performance

When a sale is made, you will pay the creator through our automatic payment system. Now sit back, relax and track their performances.

Platform features

The platform built to assist your brand

Once you have set up a campaign, you will gain access to the following platform features

Creator database

Our database includes thousands of creators across different niches and platforms. Simply pick the ones best suited for you and invite them to your campaign.

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Performance overview

By tracking metrics such as campaign clicks, conversion rates, revenues and affiliate performances, you will get a better understanding of your campaign’s success.

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Campaign management

With just a few clicks, we have made it easy for you to create, launch and manage your campaigns. Set up your own terms and commission rates for your affiliates.

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Our success stories

Not convinced yet? Listen to what our campaign partners have to say about Filify

"Our collaboration with Filify has been instrumental in accelerating growth for Podimo. By connecting us with genuine, influential creators, they've helped us tap into new listener communities who share our love for exceptional audio content. Thanks to Filify, we've seen a notable rise in subscribers and a strengthened brand identity – a partnership we truly cherish."

"Filify's expertise in influencer marketing has reinvigorated HelloFresh's approach to engaging with our target audience. Their thoughtful selection of creators has highlighted the simplicity and joy of cooking with our meal kits, while fostering a sense of community around our brand. Filify has proven to be an essential ingredient in our recipe for success."

"Filify's intuitive influencer platform has been an incredible asset for Storytel, allowing us to engage with the right influencers who share our vision for immersive storytelling experiences. This partnership has not only helped us expand our audience but also fostered a deeper emotional connection with our users, setting us apart in the audiobook market."


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate campaign?

An affiliate, also referred to as a creator, engages in the promotion of a company's products or services via their designated platform or website. For each successful sale generated through their distinct affiliate link, the affiliate receives a commission from the company.

How do I create an affiliate team for my campaigns?

We will provide you access to our extensive creator database, where you can recruit as many affiliates as you wish. You can filter and sort affiliates by factors such as gender, age, platform, and follower count to find the perfect match for your campaign. Once you've identified suitable affiliates, send them an invitation to join your campaign team. If they accept, they will become part of your team.

Additionally, you have the option to add other creators to the database who may not already be available, further expanding your choices for building an ideal affiliate team.

How does the payment process work?

Our platform streamlines the payment process with a fast, automatic payout system. Your business pays Filify directly, and we handle the distribution of commissions to all campaign affiliates. When an affiliate successfully converts a follower or individual, they receive the predetermined commission rate. Earnings are calculated monthly, with payouts sent to affiliates within 45 days after the month has ended. This hassle-free approach eliminates the need for invoices and other documents, ensuring a smooth experience for both businesses and creators.

What kind of affiliates can I find on your platform?

You can find a diverse range of affiliates suitable for various businesses and niches. We have a database of over a thousand affiliates, including content creators, influencers, bloggers, and podcasters. These affiliates are active on various social media platforms, ensuring that your brand can reach a wide audience.

How long does the campaign set up process take?

The campaign set-up process involves entering campaign details, choosing conversion types and commissions, and publishing the campaign for approval. The time it takes depends on your input speed and our campaign managers' review. Although we cannot provide an exact duration, we aim to approve campaigns within a few working hours, allowing you to launch your campaign swiftly.

How much does it cost to set up a campaign?

Setting up a campaign on our platform is completely free, and you can create as many campaigns as you wish. However, there is a fee for businesses to join our platform, which varies depending on the size and needs of each business. For more information about our pricing structure and to find a plan that best suits your needs, please visit our pricing site.

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